Dear Barnard Community,

Our hearts break for the families and friends of the 19 elementary school children and two of their teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas, yesterday afternoon. The devastation caused by the gunman is unimaginable as is the grief of the families and their communities. Our Barnard College community will not become complacent in the face of continued gun violence. We stand together to support one another and to speak out against hate and violence.

Barnard provides resources for support and care as our community processes these acts of violence and their impact. Students on campus can visit the Furman Counseling Center, located on the first floor of Hewitt Hall.  Students not on campus can call 212-854-2092 for assistance connecting to a counselor in their local area. Barnard faculty and staff can make use of the Employee Assistance Program through Humana at 800-448-4358. Human Resources can also assist faculty and staff with accessing these and other resources.