Toddler Center director and associate professor of psychology Tovah Klein was recently featured in top news organizations about her insight into child psychology and behavior.

In a New York Times letter to the editor, Prof. Klein responds to a recent article about the upward trend in prescribing antipsychotic medications to infants, noting that “the use of antipsychotic medications with no knowledge of the long-term effects on their growing brains is not the answer.” Read the full letter.

Prof. Klein was also featured in The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Personal Tech’ column focused on how to ensure that young children are developing healthy behaviors in the face of screen time. She suggests that the goal for parents is to help children learn how to search the internet without ending up somewhere they shouldn’t be. Read the full article.

Additionally, as a part of a recent Slate article, Prof. Klein weighed in on how to deal with children who resist hugging and kissing relatives. She notes that there isn’t one correct way to deal with this issue, and that it’s important for parents to “model physical affection for their children, which will help them figure out” what’s expected and appropriate. Read the full article.

Prof. Klein joined Barnard’s faculty in 1995. Her research focuses on development and clinical psychology, children’s social and emotional development, and issues related to work and family. How Toddlers Thrive, Prof. Klein’s first book, was released in 2014.

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