Frederick Neuhouser headshot


Frederick Neuhouser, the Viola Manderfeld Professor of German and a professor of philosophy at Barnard College, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies and a leading center for independent policy research. He is one of about 250 leaders from academia, business, public affairs, the humanities, and the arts to be selected for AAAS membership this year, and the names of the newly elected AAAS members for 2021 were announced on Thursday. 

The AAAS, founded in 1780, engages experts to provide pragmatic solutions for complex challenges. More than 250 Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners are current members of the AAAS, an organization that included some of the country's most well-known thinkers, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Maria Mitchell, Daniel Webster, Toni Morrison, and Albert Einstein.

Professor Neuhouser will join Class IV – the Humanities and Arts – within the philosophy section, alongside six other academics.