Dear RAs,

Thank you very much for meeting today. We want to reiterate our commitment to a fair and democratic process, which we communicated in the meeting. We value the contributions of RAs in our community and strongly support your growth and wellbeing.

As an institution of higher education, we are dedicated to providing our promising and accomplished Barnard students with a premiere educational experience. It is our responsibility to create an environment where information is easily exchanged and there is a free flow of ideas. We also have a proud history of working collaboratively with labor unions on our campus.

We must ensure that our students are given a platform to share and receive information and voice their own opinions. In this situation, the established method by which an election is conducted by the National Labor Relations Board will allow for a fair and democratic process, the outcome of which we will honor and respect.

We encourage you to consider this option, and we look forward to working together.

Dean Grinage