On March 4, 2022, Laurie Postlewate, senior lecturer in Barnard’s French department, co-authored an article in L2 Journal, titled “Tandem and Translation: A bilingual telecollaborative course in social science translation.” The paper examines the strategies used and implemented in a bilingual translation class, which paired a group of native-English speaking students with a group of native-French speaking students. The content of this work stemmed from Postlewate’s course, titled "Transatlantic Translation," at Barnard. 
In this course, students were instructed to use computer mediated communication (CMC) to collaborate on translating French and English source texts from human and social sciences. This approach encourages horizontal language learning through linguistic sharing by students developing language skills reciprocally with someone whose native language is the target language. The goal of the study was to broaden language exchange by advancing collaborative translation through knowledge-sharing in the human and social sciences.