Laurie Postlewate

Senior Lecturer in French

Laurie J. Postlewate, Senior Lecturer in French, joined the faculty of Barnard in 1997. In addition to her teaching duties for the Department of French, she is affiliated with the Comparative Literature Program and the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at Barnard.

Academic Focus: 

French language & literature





BA, Southern Methodist
MA, PhD, New York University

In the News

In installment #2 of students getting honest, Ellie Harrison, Colette Juran, Phanesia Pharel, and Agie Neneh Sissoho unveil what their second year at Barnard was like, after each semester wrapped. 

Every year, Barnard faculty lead students on trips outside New York City—often outside the United States—to conduct research, perform, and expand teaching and learning opportunities.

Over the past decade, the Barnard curriculum has expanded its global influence by increasing opportunities for faculty and students to gain educational, work, and volunteer experience.

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