Headshot of Christian Braneon

On May 14, 2021, Christian Braneon, a visiting professor in Barnard’s Environmental Science Department, published new co-authored research in the Journal of Extreme Events. The work, titled “Rapid Research and Assessment on COVID-19 and Climate in New York City,” explores organizational sensemaking in climate service by examining bi-weekly Rapid Research and Assessment (RRA) meetings held by the New York City Mayor's Office of Climate Resiliency in 2020. These meetings – attended by city staff and external experts in science, policy, design, engineering, communications, and planning – focused on various topics related to social cohesion, risk communication, resilient and healthy buildings, and engagement. The researchers compare the RRA to similar rapid assessment efforts and other initiatives aimed at exchanging and co-producing knowledge. The authors argue in favor of organizational sensemaking as a valuable approach in similar situations.