Sheri Berman

Professor of Political Science

Comparative Politics

Sheri E. Berman is professor of political science. Her main interests are European politics and political history, democracy and democratization, globalization, and the history of the left. Her two books have examined the role played by social democracy in determining political outcomes in 20th-century Europe. Her courses include Political Development; Making Democracy Work; and Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe.

Selected Publications:

The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe's Twentieth Century (New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2006)

The Social Democratic Moment: Ideas and Politics in the Making of Interwar Europe (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1998)


The Primacy of Politics   The Social Democratic Moment


Academic Focus: 

Comparative political development
European politics and political history
Democracy and democratization
The history of the Left


You will be able to find selected syllabi and teaching evaluations on-line.

POLS V 3401 Democracy & Dictatorship in Europe
Cross-listed by the European Studies and the Human Rights Programs

POLS BC 3505 Colloquium on Making Democracy Work
Cross-listed by the European Studies and the Human Rights Programs

POLS BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar in Comparative Politics

POLS G 8431 European Domestic Political Development (CU graduate course)

POLS G 8493 Political Development (CU graduate course)
Fall 2011 syllabus

Professional Affiliations: 

The American Political Science Association

Chair, Council on European Studies

Presentations / Recent Lectures: 

Why Democracies Fail--and That's OK (

Interview about how to think about new democracies (

Fall 2016-Spring 2017


Tel 212.854.2158
Fax 212.854.3024

Office Hours: 
On leave
245 Lefrak

M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University, Government


B.A., Yale University, Political Science (magna cum laude; Distinction in the Major)

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