What is the SRI?

Students speak about their experience with the Summer Research Institute



The SRI is a 10-week program for Barnard students who want to conduct scientific research during the summer. You can work with faculty at Barnard or elsewhere in the city. The SRI will provide a common experience for all students. It will also provide you the option of living in Barnard’s subsidized summer housing. Your research experience will be supplemented with academic and skill-building experiences, lectures, social events and a capstone poster event at the summer’s end.

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To get involved in the SRI, do three things:

1. Locate a research mentor who is willing to let you work full-time in his/her lab over the summer, and provide you with a substantive research experience. If your research mentor is not a Barnard faculty member, then you will also need to identify an internal research mentor (i.e., Barnard science faculty member) who will oversee your project and help you secure a summer stipend.

2. Click on the science department below in which you are already a major (or intend to major), and follow the instructions provided.



Environmental Science

Neuroscience & Behavior

Physics & Astronomy


3. Work with your Barnard research mentor to identify a source of funding for your summer stipend. It must be at least $4,000.

Note: the College may not be able to provide support for all students. Accordingly, acceptance into the SRI is not guaranteed. You will hear about funding decisions by early April.

  • 2016
  • 2017

For questions about the Summer Research Institute (SRI) or how to participate in the program, please email sri@barnard.edu.