International Student Vlog and Photo Competition Entries & Winners


Best Photo

Winner: Mei Kuo, Sunny Side Up - Taipei, Taiwan

This plant sits conveniently on the left hand side of my desk. She's seen it all, the good and the bad of my days. But whenever I look at her, she's always puffing up her cheeks at me, as if she's trying to make my day better.

Best Vlog

Winner: Gloria Lu, Singapore Vlog Part 1

Due to travel restriction, in order to travel back to the US, all Chinese citizens needed to travel to a third country prior to entering the US border. For me, I chose Singapore and spent a whole two weeks there. I made a series of SG vlog, recording life and experience there. More could be found on my YouTube channel, under name Gloria Lu. Content includes traveling, food, sites to visit, and especially custom policies about how to enter SG and US.

Sense of Place

Best Photo

Winner: Mei Kuo, Flower Shower - Kaoshiung, Taiwan

Being home means being getting to spend more time with my family. We drove to the South of Taiwan and admired the beautiful flower fields that only bloom once a year.

Best Vlog

Winner: Mei Kuo, VLOG The Unordinary Ordinary

Riding the metro isn't new to me. It reminds me of New York, being in the subway with my friends, except being on the 1 train doesn't allow the beautiful views of the everyday sunsets like that in Taipei. This specific sunset really made me appreciate the everyday things in life I take for granted.

Columbia Global Center or WeWork Site

Best Photo

Winner: Xueqing Ma, Columbia  @ WeWork SG - Singapore

Noyna Roy ('24) and I at the Columbia Wework entrance in SG.