Emotional & Mental Health

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Mental health and wellness includes attuning to and managing our emotions, communicating our needs to improve our relationships, and feeling welcomed and empowered in our identities. Strong emotional and mental health drives academic pursuits and success.

Rosemary Furman Counseling Center

We offer therapy, groups, workshops and medication to assist students in maintaining emotional and mental health to help Barnard students facilitate their richest experience of college life. We support the College’s commitment to diversity, raising awareness of systems of oppression and unequal access to resources, and work to promote social justice.


Set up for Success

The Center for Accessibility Resources and Disability Services strives to meet the individual needs of our entire community. Students have a wealth of resources to draw from, including an expanded academic coaching program offering support in time management, procrastination, test preparation, note taking and reading/writing strategies


Engaged Pedagogy

The Center for Engaged Pedagogy brings faculty and students together in a collaborative environment to explore teaching and learning. With focus on both innovative and inclusive practices, the CEP is central to Barnard's acknowledgment of diverse ways of knowing and expertise. Workshops, conferences, and more make for a rich resource for infusing accessibility and wellness into the classroom.