What They Do

Who are the Well-Woman Peer Educators?

The peer educators are Barnard Students who volunteer to provide information to the Barnard and Columbia communities about a range of health and wellness issues. The peer education program began at Barnard in 1986. Well-Woman was established in 1993 to bring together per-existing small, topical peer educator groups to form one comprehensive group.

How are the Peer Educators Trained?

The WW Peer Educators are part of the Well-Woman Health Promotion Program at Barnard. They are advised by Jessica Cannon. New and returning peer educators receive forty hours of training each August. They also receive follow up training in January and in weekly meetings throughout the academic year.

What do the Peer Educators do?

The peer educators present programs in the residence halls and sponsor campus-wide events that focus on women's health and wellness. They also hold gynecological information sessions every Tuesday night in Health Services, and will meet students individually by appointment.

So what do they talk about?

The peer educators talk about all of the health issues that are important to women. They address self-esteem, HIV/AIDS, contraception, nutrition, sexuality, body image, stress management, depression, contraceptive options, self-care, communication, sexual health, mindfulness, healthful eating, and eating disorders. They will also address other wellness issues in floor presentations by request.

How can I join Well-Woman?

Applications are available on the Well-Woman blog in March. Interviews are held and final selections are made before the end of the spring semester. A required forty hours of training are held each August, with a follow-up training in January.

Where can I find Well-Woman Peer Educators?

Peer Eds hold drop-in office hours in 119 Reid from 7-9pm every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. You can also look for the Well-Woman peer educators in your residence halls during their campus-wide events. You can keep up to date with their events through this website. Call 854-3063 for more information.

Who they are: 16-17 Peer Educators

Helen Cane
Allison Evans
Danielle Fox
Cara Hoffman
Issie Ivins
Rumana Kasime
Sophie Kemp-Sherman
Alice Lew
Madison Marko
Evelyn Mayo
Chantal Mota
Megnot Mulugeta
Simisola Olagundoye
Amanda Perry
Aneliza Ruiz
Jaipreet Sethi
Rania Siddique
Samantha Step
Kate Stephanus
Emma Toner