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Phanésia Pharel ’21 Wants to Spread ‘Black Girl Joy’

The up-and-coming playwright and her mentor Jean Lichty ’81 have forged a theatrical Off-Broadway partnership that began on-Broadway at Barnard.

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Learn how a Barnard education embraces the whole self and fosters empowerment. And join the scientists, athletes, poets, performers, artists, and activists who make up Barnard's nearly 3,000 students and 37,000+ alumnae.

An Education for Tomorrow

  • A Flexible Curriculum

    The Barnard Foundations curriculum encourages you to explore widely across disciplines, discover new territory, and then dive deep. It’s structured to ensure that you examine the world through a variety of lenses.

  • Advanced Research Opportunities

    In order to solve problems, you have to think critically and creatively. At Barnard, you have multiple opportunities to hone these skills through faculty-mentored, structured research in the sciences or humanities.

  • Digital Literacy Across Disciplines

    Dancers research the data of movement. Historians build digital visualizations of complex ideas. You’ll need digital skills whatever your discipline, and Barnard is the first liberal arts school to require that you learn to interpret and create digitally.

Barnard’s Got Game

Athletes in Action

Catch a glimpse of five of the 15 sports Barnard student-athletes compete in through the Columbia-Barnard Athletic Consortium.

Runner Story Downing ’25

“I am pushed athletically by my teammates in a way I never was before,” she said. “When my whole team is thriving and setting personal bests, it's something I want to be a part of. It gives me an extra push to do the little things — like [working on my] core and stretches — and asking myself, ‘What can I do for the team today?’” 

Soccer Player Alexandra “Ola” Weber ’24

“There wasn’t one single moment that defined me as a soccer player. Instead, it was the numerous late nights training with my team or going to the field alone and getting extra reps in,” explained Weber. “It takes time and patience to develop as a player and as a teammate. That’s why being a student-athlete [at Barnard] is an incredible journey that I would not give up for the world.” 

Women’s Crew Member Sophia DiPietro ’24

From Rihanna’s beats to Elton John’s iconic pop, the student-athlete reveals the music that moves her through the day. 

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