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Mission Statement

The mission of Being Barnard is to provide a holistic approach to sexual violence prevention through campus wide campaigns, educational programming, one on one health consultation services, community building, outreach, advocacy, and intervention. Sexual assault and interpersonal violence affect students of all genders, identities, and backgrounds and are widely recognized to not be isolated issues but part of a much larger societal picture. As such, it is our hope that by addressing a multitude of interwoven topics such as healthy relationships and sexuality, affirmative consent, personal boundaries, self care, bystander intervention, and social identities & power that we may help reduce and, one day, eliminate sexual assault and violence from our campus and global communities.


Being Barnard is a confidential office


Intervention, Social Identities, Violence Education, Relationships, Wellness


Want to know how to get involved? General questions and inquiries about the initiative can be directed to the Being Barnard office -!

If you are a survivor of sexual assault or other physical violence, please click on the link below for a list of the resources available to you at Barnard: 

Title IX and Equity Resources