Individual Counseling

Short-term Individual Counseling

Important decisions and changes are part of college life for every student, and individual work with a counseling professional can provide a safe, confidential setting in which to explore your feelings and thoughts, examine your options, weigh alternatives, and move toward your own goals. Some students experience feelings or symptoms that interfere with their ability to succeed academically and personally, such as those related to depression, anxiety, or eating disorders.  In these instances, our counselors can help you to understand these symptoms, offer treatment options, which could include a referral to one of our staff psychiatrists for further evaluation. Read more about the counseling process.

The Furman Counseling Center operates according to a short-term therapy model. The average number of sessions used per year by the students who visit us is approximately 5.8.  However, you and your counselor may feel that you can benefit more from longer-term individual treatment, and if so, we can provide you with referrals to therapists outside Barnard. We have an extensive referral network, and we make every effort to find therapists who can meet the therapeutic and financial needs of our students.