Workshops are one hour meetings to develop skills in a particular area. All workshops are free.

Un-Stress Yourself

Stress Management and Skill Building: set aside time in your schedule to learn relaxation exercises to reduce stress.

Call (212) 854-2092 for information.

Romantic Well-Being

Barnard prepares you for success in so many ways - why not learn how to have healthy relationships here too? Counselors will offer an informal class-like format that will provide information and skills.

Call (212) 854-2092 for information.

Smart Emotional Living

Achieve greater success in all areas of your life-academic, relationships, and career by learning tools to work with your emotions. Emotions can be a source of wisdom and empowerment, or can be destabilizing and destructive. It all depends on how you manage them. Learn skills to make your emotions work for you!

Call (212) 854-2092 for information.