On November 10, energy radiated from the Quad to Milbank as Barnard students began the countdown to one of the community’s most beloved traditions: Barnard Big Sub. 

Students lined up side by side to break bread and indulge in a 750-foot-long chain of sandwiches. This culinary celebration, hosted by the McIntosh Activities Council, has occurred annually over the past decade but held a special significance this year as it returned in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic and was also the last event to be held in the Futter Field tent. 

No sub was left behind in this year’s lineup of chicken, turkey, vegetables, gluten-free, kosher, and the newly added tuna salad — President Beilock’s personal favorite. The submarine sandwich — which stretched the length of 2.5 football fields — was handcrafted in Barnard’s kitchen by the College’s dining service (Chartwells). The tradition is a labor of love and no small feat for the dining staff, but at Barnard, big and bold is the only way.

Barnard Big Sub: By the Numbers

750 feet Total length of the submarine sandwich
1,000 oz. Potato chips
2,500 Pickle chips
250 lbs. Tomatoes
135 lbs. Grilled veggies
100 lbs. Lettuce
45 lbs. Meat in each 120-foot section
70 Staffers on deck
1st Big Sub event for Executive Chef Dan


Watch the video below to see the excitement devour the day:

Dig in to Big Sub 2022