[Main photo: Avery Lambert ’25 and mom.]

Students feel the bold, beautiful, Barnard spirit at home with family as well as on campus. Looking back on what has inspired them to flourish on campus, many can track the same qualities of personal strength, selflessness, and dedication back to their own mothers. This Mother’s Day (May 9), members of Barnard’s community share what their mothers’ support has meant to them throughout their academic journey. 

Ariana Eftimiu ’25 

Eftimiu's mom.

“My mother is the songbird’s whisper in the spring and light hitting a field of sunflowers just right. She is all things wonderful, lovely, and good in this world and inspires me to be the same. I hope every day to embody her traits of grace, dedication, passion, and thoughtfulness. Having immigrated to the United States at a young age, my mother had a difficult upbringing, and I am ever grateful for the sacrifices she has made to allow my younger sister and I access to a good education and several opportunities. My mom is kind, sweet, and gentle but also a force to be reckoned with and has always taught me to stand up for what I believe in and against anything that is unfair. My mother, and all mothers, demonstrate immense resilience and care and showcase constantly how incredible women are.”


Norah Hassan ’21 


“To say my mom is the reason I attended, and now graduated from, Barnard wouldn’t be an exaggeration. When I applied to Barnard, I was attending high school in Doha, Qatar. When I received the incredible news that I was accepted to join the Barnard Class of 2021, I was ecstatic and filled with both anxiety and excitement. At the time, it was the middle of the school year in Doha, and I had no way of traveling 13 hours to visit Barnard. My mom was visiting Boston at the time and traveled to New York just to visit Barnard for me. She sent me photos, went on a campus tour, and explained things about the campus and community that solidified my decision to attend and took away the anxiety I was feeling. My mom has always done so much for me and my future. I love you, Mom!” 


Dylan Kapit ’16 


“My mom, Risa Fishman, is Class of 1983, and I am Class of 2016. Being Barnard alumni, in addition to being mother and child, has brought us even closer together, and we are so grateful!”


Avery Lambert ’25 


“For Mom — wowza! Who can believe I got so lucky to have you raise me? You are the smartest, strongest, kindest person I know. Getting older and realizing that has been so special. Twenty-nine years ago, you started at Barnard, and now it’s time for me to do the same — if I can grow to be half the woman you are, I’ll consider myself lucky. Love you a whole lot!” 


Sarai Michel ’21 


“My mom, Maria, is the most selfless, strongest, amazing person I know. She immigrated from Mexico in her 20s and has never looked back, despite the amount of sacrifices she has had to make in her life. She has taught me everything I know, and I wish to one day become half the person she is today. This degree is for you, Mami! Happy Mother’s Day!” 


Ana G. Pérez-Villagómez ’21

Ana G. Perez Villagomez mom.jpg
Ana G. Pérez-Villagómez's mom.

"My mum has been my biggest motivation! She is definitely the reason why I completed my degree! I love you mum! Te quiero muchísimo mamá."