From taking classes to working to researching an array of projects, Barnard students bring creativity to everything they do. One of the many hubs that foster creativity and leadership on campus is the Athena Entrepreneurs program, housed in the Athena Center for Leadership. Through a selection of weekly meetups, one-on-one advising, and startup programming, Athena Entrepreneurs provides women and nonbinary emerging entrepreneurs a forum to help connect, seek mentorship, and brainstorm ideas.

In fall 2021, Deepti Sharma joined Barnard as the Athena Center’s inaugural entrepreneur-in-residence. A lifelong businesswoman — Sharma is the CEO and founder of FoodtoEat, a community-minded catering concierge service — she is well suited to guide aspiring entrepreneurs as they plan and pursue new business ventures. Sharma is currently mentoring Kristen Dillard ’22 through the launch of her hair care product, Crown of Glory.

Follow along as Sharma shares A Day in the Life of balancing being a mom to her two kids (Zubin and Chetan) with her work as a mentor to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Deepti Sharma laying on the floor for a workout routine with a blue medicine ball

6 a.m.: Wake up, meditate, and work out. I like to start my morning with a combination of meditation and exercise to help me get my mind and body ready for the chaos that lies ahead as a working mama. 

Deepti Sharma's son at school looking up at the camera in a blue mask

8 a.m.: Kids drop-off. We have two little ones that need to be bathed, fed, and sent to school by 8 a.m. It feels like the biggest accomplishment when we all make it out of the house together. It’s always hard to say bye to their cute little faces!


Sharma Deepti and Sabrina McFarland '23
Sharma, pictured with BOSS president Sabrina McFarland ’23

11 a.m.: Thursdays, I usually head to campus for office hours. Sometimes I get lucky and get to hang out with student leaders on campus in between their busy schedules. 


Deepti Sharma inside her office posing with a student

2-5 p.m.: Office hours (my favorite part of the day). I love being able to chat with students and learn about their backgrounds. It gives me an opportunity to work directly with students, understand where they are in their entrepreneurship journey, and learn what their blocks are to finding success. If you haven’t already, book some office hours with me!


Deepti Sharma sitting on a roof

5 p.m.: Watch the sunset. I head over to the Milstein balcony and take in some vitamin D. I know this place isn’t a secret, but it’s my favorite hiding spot when I’m trying to get some quiet time.


Athena Center snacks

5:30 p.m.: Prep for Thursday night. We like to keep everyone engaged with snacks.

Deept taking a selfie with a group of people from the weekly entrepreneurship meetups.

6:30 p.m.: Athena Entrepreneurs weekly meetups! Thursday nights are when entrepreneurs across campus come together to collaborate and learn from each other. We also have awesome speakers come in to share their insights and journeys as entrepreneurs.