Barnard College News

The Athena Film Festival’s virtual format this year means films about women leaders from the 11th annual event will stream directly to your devices throughout March.

Barnard College’s Athena Center “Challenges” students to tackle food insecurity with the help of top industry experts during a collaborative problem-solving experience.

Through the Athena Center’s Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship Program, Kory Louko ’17 gains real-world experience organizing the Athena Film Festival.

Ahead of the 10-year anniversary of the Athena Film Festival, Ashley Bush reflects on being a student coordinator for the first-ever Festival in 2011 and the lasting impact it had on her award-winning filmmaking career.

We are delighted to announce that Umbreen Bhatti ’00 has joined Barnard as the Constance Hess Williams ’66 Director of the Athena Center for Leadership. Umbreen brings a fresh perspective and considerable expertise to the Athena Center, with a focus on helping our students develop the skills they need to address today’s opportunities and challenges in creative and original ways.

The 2019 Athena Film Festival opened on Thursday, February 28th with the New York Premiere of 'Fast Color', a film about a superhero who is forced to run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. The festival continued throughout the weekend to showcase even more fierce and fearless women leaders featured in inspirational films like 'On the Basis of Sex', 'On Her Shoulders', and 'Ask For Jane'. In addition to films, the festival had some great receptions, workshops, panels, and an activism booth. The festival concluded with a bang when U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attended as a panelist to support the New York premiere of 'Knock Down the House' on Sunday, March 3rd.