Séverine Autesserre, assistant professor of political science, spent years working as an international humanitarian for Doctors Without Borders. After finishing her postdoctoral studies at Yale, Autesserre was offered positions at both the United Nations and at Barnard. She accepted the professorship because of her belief that academia can effect change in the world of humanitarian aid. Here, Autesserre shares her journey from aspiring reporter to activist to Ivy League professor in the first episode of Barnard's Pathways to Passion series. 

Read about Prof. Autesserre's new book in Barnard Magazine. An excerpt: 

Early in her career, Séverine Autesserre traveled the globe as a member of international intervention organizations, mostly helping with humanitarian aid. She also helped with peace-building efforts, assisting with post-conflict rebuilding work in such places as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, and Timor-Leste, among others.

Each region had its unique challenges, conflicts, and needs. But Autesserre says that wherever she went, she noticed that too often peace builders would follow similar approaches... (Read the full story

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