The Office of the Registrar implements College policies and procedures. The office maintains student records; issues transcripts; assigns classrooms; processes academic registration; produces rosters and  processes grades; schedules examinations; certifies students for graduation;  orders and distributes diplomas; verifies enrollment and graduation; approves and evaluates transfer, study leave, summer school, and advanced placement credit; maintains the Academic Calendar; and supplies statistics, reports, and listings. 

The Office's mission is to ensure accuracy and confidentiality, implement College policies and procedures, supply information, and provide efficient and attentive service to students, faculty, and administrative staff. We balance fair, equitable enforcement of policy with responsive, individual assistance.


Registrar’s Office, Partnership Agreement

Students can expect from the Registrar's Office:   The Registrar's Office expects from students:
  • Accurate information about policies and procedures from staff in the office
  •  Prompt, efficient, and courteous service
  •  Equitable treatment that also acknowledges each student’s individual circumstances
  •  Advance notice of college deadlines (posted on our web site and on myBarnard)
  •  Full information (on our web site, on myBarnard, and by email notification for some procedures) about policies and procedures, including but not limited to: registration at the College and enrollment in, withdrawal from, and grading policies for courses; the examination schedule; major declaration
  •  Accurate information (on our web site and on myBarnard) about courses approved for GER satisfaction
  •  Full information on our web site about policies regarding transcript requests and credit for work done outside of Barnard;  printable forms
  •  Maintenance of the confidentiality of student records
  • That they read the information available to them, especially the information about deadlines
  • That they meet all college deadlines
  • That before submitting a question or request, they check to see if the answer is already available on myBarnard or the web site or in email sent by the Registrar
  • That they allow sufficient time for staff to meet their requests (recording non-Barnard credit, processing transcript requests, etc.)
  • That they follow college policies and procedures


Note:  We are aware that students feel they receive too many email messages from college offices.  We try to limit the number of messages we send, and in turn, we expect students to pay attention to our messages

The Office provides information and services, implements policy, and seeks to be both fair and responsive.