First Year Focus (FYF)

The First Year Focus (FYF) Program at Barnard is an extended orientation program that continues throughout your first year. Co-sponsored by Residential Life & Housing and the Dean of Studies Office, it combines academic and co-curricular activities to help first-year students adjust to various aspects of college life.

The goals of the FYF Program are threefold:

  1. To assist Barnard College first-year students make a successful academic and social transition from high school to college life;
  2. To offer a wide variety of social and educational programs that introduce Barnard first-year students to the College, Columbia University, and New York City; 
  3. To facilitate communication in the residence halls that allows students from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and learn from one another.

FYF is dedicated to the integrity and personal growth of each individual. We strive to sponsor activities that assist students in making progress towards their educational and personal goals: developing academic and intellectual competence; establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships; developing personal identity; deciding on a career and lifestyle; maintaining personal health and wellness; and developing an integrated philosophy of life.

The FYF Program is coordinated by the Associate Director for the Quad.

Information for New FY Students