Pre-Lottery Disability Housing Accommodations

Requests for a Housing Accommodation

The deadline to submit the request (and all medical documentation) is:

  • Friday, January 5, 2019 -- students continuing in campus housing from the Fall.
  • Monday, January 22, 2019 -- students new to campus housing in the Spring (ex. returning from Fall study abroad, readmitted for the Spring, new Spring transfers, etc).

Students with diagnosed disabilities and/or medical conditions who are eligble for Room Selection and may need a housing accommodation must first register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) through scheduling and completing an intake meeting prior to the deadline and then submit the Pre-Lottery Accommodation Request Form, in order to be offered a room assignment prior to the Housing Lottery.

If you are already registered with ODS, please just submit the Pre-Lottery Request form to ODS before the deadline. If you are not registered already, please call ODS at 212-854-4634 to set up your intake meeting.

Types of accommodations may include: accessible spaces for mobility needs, room with a strobe fire alarm, assignment to a building with central air-conditioning*, assignment to a single room, etc.

* Air conditioning is available in Sulzberger Tower, Elliott, Plimpton, and Cathedral Gardens only and is primarily a summer housing feature. AC for these buildings is usually turned off in mid-September and then turned on again in mid-to-late May.

Students who may have received accommodations in the past must re-apply each year to be reconsidered. Previous accommodations are not automatically extended without submitting an updated request for the upcoming academic year.

On the application form, students should rank their preferences for at least 3 residence halls on campus. Please note that class year is taken into consideration when making assignments.

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Pull-In Requests

Students who submit DHRs may request one fellow student as a "Pull-In" to be assigned to live with or near them. Pull-Ins must be eligible for the Room Selection process.

Pull-Ins must be requested on the form before the application deadline. Pull-ins cannot be requested or added after the application deadline and/or offer of an assignment.

Please note the Pull-In's class year is taken into consideration when making assignments.

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Offer of Assignment

The Disability Housing Committee (made up of representatives from the Office of Disability Services, Primary Care Health Services, Furman Counseling, and Residential Life & Housing) will meet to review the requests for housing accommodations.

Students with an approved accommodation will be provided a specific building & room assignment. Students who requested a Pull-In will also be provided a room assignment for that student. Please note that ODS staff will only speak with the student applying for a disability housing accommodation and will not be able to speak to any Pull-In's regarding room assignments. If your Pull-In has questions regarding placement you must reach out to ODS staff regarding these questions since ODS staff cannot discuss a particular student's accommodations with other students on campus.

When making assignments for a student with an approved disability housing accommodation, the College will ensure that a student's medical needs are met; however, a student's preferences cannot be guaranteed. Students are encouraged to review the information about each residence hall when submitting their request.

Please note that class year is taken into consideration when making assignments for housing accommodations.

For example, a rising-Sophomore who requests a single room or a building that is typically filled with rising-Seniors through the Lottery may not be offered an assignment that matches their ranked building if the preference is not supported by their medical documentation (ex. a rising-Sophomore who requests to be in a Sulz Tower single). This is why it is important for students to provide ranked preferences for at least 3 or more residence halls on their request form.

A student who receives placement in a suite single and requests a rising-Sophomore as a Pull-In would more than likely receive space in a double for their Pull-In (because rising-Sophomores are often not able to select singles during the Lottery).

The College aims to email offers of assignment to students by 9pm on Friday, March 1, 2019.

Students offered a Pre-Lottery placement will need to submit the Disability Housing Acceptance Form (provided via email along with the specific room assignment) to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) by 4pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 to accept or decline their assignment (in order to take part in the Lottery or live off-campus).  If the students requested a pull-in, the pull-in will need to sign the form as well (to accept or decline).

All students who wish to live in campus housing next year must register for Room Selection (between 1pm on Wednesday, March 6, and 1pm on Wednesday, March 13, 2019). This both includes students who accept a Pre-Lottery disability placement AND those who wish to take part in the Lottery instead.

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Declining an Offered Assignment

Students who wish to decline their provided housing assignment (in order to take part in the Lottery or live off-campus) will forfeit that specific accommodation. The offered room assignment will be released into the pool of available rooms for the Lottery and that room will no longer be available for you should you not select a room during the Lottery that meets your needs.

Students who take part in the Lottery but are not able to select a space at their appointment that meets their needs should sign up for the Guaranteed List (instead of picking a space). Non-rising-Seniors who pick a space during the Lottery will not be able to apply for room changes over the summer, unless they receive a new diagnosis and need for accommodation.

All accommodations made over the summer are based on availability. The College will do its best to accommodate a student's medical needs following the Lottery if new needs arise or if you are on the Guaranteed List. However, if you declined a previously offered accommodation, the College cannot guarantee that a comparable space will open up that can meet your needs.

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