Guaranteed List

To fill out the Guaranteed List Form:

  • Log into the Barnard Housing Portal
  • Click ROOM SELECTION on the menu
  • Click the GUARANTEED LIST button
  • Deadline to fill out: 4pm, Friday, April 26, 2019
  • Updates to preferences can be submitted through: 4pm, Friday, June 21, 2019

Students will fill out the Guaranteed List Form if there are no rooms available to select during their 123 Lottery Time Slot or if they do not want to pick from the available rooms during their Time Slot. Students will provide ranked building and room type preferences (and can request roommates).

Students on the Guaranteed List who wish to cancel housing must do so by May 13, 2019 to avoid a cancellation fee. See Cancelling your Housing for more info & the cancellation fee calendar.

Students who pick a room or suite in the Housing Lottery (or received a pre-Lottery disability accommodation or are an RA/ODS-pull-in) may not cancel that room in order to sign up for the Guaranteed List instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some students not get to pick a room during the Housing Lottery?

Each year through the Housing Lottery, many students pick rooms even though they are not completely sure they will be living in campus housing next Fall. This includes students who are waiting to hear back from a Study Abroad program, thinking about moving off-campus, applying to transfer to another college, considering taking a leave of absence from Barnard, etc.

This means that more students will be in the Lottery to pick housing than the number of available spaces to pick from. Typically the rising-Sophomores with the last Lottery Numbers & Time Slots will not be able to pick a specific room through the Lottery (and need to sign up for the Guaranteed List). Other students may not want not to pick from the rooms available during their Time Slot and may choose to sign up for the Guaranteed List instead.

Am I really really guaranteed a room for next year?

Yes! Barnard always receives more than enough cancellations after the Housing Lottery in order to provide rooms to every student on the Guaranteed List. There’s no reason to worry that you won’t get housing.

When are assignments made / sent to students? Why do you wait so long to send out the assignments?

Room assignments will be emailed to student Barnard email addresses by August 1. Assignments may be sent out in "batches," as opposed to all at once.

We wait until we expect to have received the majority of the cancellations, so that we have the widest array of available spaces to match to students’ preferences. This helps us to find better matches for students instead of just assigning them to rooms as each cancellation is received.

Where will I be assigned? Will I get a single? How do you prioritize the assignments?

Students will cancel from different room types in all of the buildings across campus; however, we cannot predict the numbe open singles vs. doubles or rooms in building X vs. Y in advance. 

Because many of the cancellations will come from rising-Juniors or Seniors, the rooms that become available for students on the Guaranteed List may be better than what other rising-Sophomores were able to pick during the Lottery.

The College will use the ranked building & room type preferences from your Guaranteed List Form to match you to an available vacancy. Assignments are made in the original Lottery Number order from the 123 Lottery (students who did not take part in the 123 Lottery will be randomly assignment a Lottery Number by class year).

Because there will be a finite set of vacancies to work from, it may not be possible to place you in one of your top preferred buildings or room type. We strongly recommend that you rank in order as many building & room type combinations as possible, in case the College cannot assign you to one of your top preferences.

Often there are more requests for singles than the number that open up due to cancellations. This means that some students (with higher lottery numbers) will be assigned into multiples. The College will use the roommate matching questions from when you registered for Room Selection in order to find the best match for you from among the spaces that are available.

Can I request to live in a multiple with someone else?

Students may request on the Guaranteed List Form to be assigned with another student who did not pick a room. Those requests must be mutual (i.e. on both of your forms). The College will do its best to place you together if possible; however, that depends on two students who picked into a double during the Lottery both cancelling their housing, so that you could be assigned to a double together. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how many doubles will open for assignment to two students who request each other.

If the College cannot place you and your requested friend together in the same room, we will try to place you as close together as possible (in the same suite, floor, building, etc.) if possible.

What if I don’t like the room assigned to me?

Students may apply for a Fall room change after classes start in September ( Students who are not able to get a room change in the Fall are encouraged to apply again in December ( when there will be more options available (because of students graduating mid-year, leaving to study abroad, etc).

Students who cancel housing to move off-campus would be subject to cancellation fees (see for the cancellation fee calendar).

If you are thinking about moving off-campus instead of living in campus housing, we strongly encourage you to read the information at and/or talk to the Res Life office before making that decision. Students who move out of campus housing lose their guarantee of housing for the future (and may not take part in Room Selection) and may qualify for less financial aid than students who live in campus housing.