Well-Being at Barnard

Well-being at Barnard is currently partnering with the JED foundation to enhance student health and support efforts on campus.

The goal of the JED Campus initiative is to create an environment where ALL campus stakeholders are conscious of and willing to help support student wellness; in their words, they want "every door on campus to be a friendly door for a student to walk through." 

While the current initiative is a work in progress, Barnard was one of the first schools to obtain a JED "seal of approval", indicating it provided a high level of mental health support for students. Barnard is commited from the top to student mental health and wellness, and it excels in its delivery of wellness and peer support services, from Furman and the Dean of the College area to Peer-Educators in Well-Woman, and our PALs and tutoring program.

This catalog of links from across the site provides a one-stop resource for students seeking information on everything from self care to new opportunities.