Leadership Development

Barnard College is committed to providing leadership development opportunities to all its professionals so that they can cultivate the skills needed to maximize their growth and become effective leaders.  Through collaboration from the Athena Center for Leadership and Human Resources, Barnard is listening to its community and their needs, and consistently expanding and improving upon its programming.  

Faculty and staff can access the following resources and programming detailed below, or we invite you to email leadershipdevelopment@barnard.edu to share ideas, ask questions, or request specific programming.

I get more excited to help other people’s great ideas come to fruition – and that’s one of the things I love about being in a university environment. Sometimes those ideas are undergraduates’, sometimes they’re faculty’s, sometimes they’re from staff or alums. We need different voices around the table sharing different experiences.

Sian Beilock

Pro Tip

Barnard staff and faculty share expertise and inspiration with their college community.

We know leadership is more than a position — it's a practice.

Umbreen Bhatti
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The Athena Center for Leadership

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Human Resources

Please reach out to leadershipdevelopment@barnard.edu with any questions