For students entering Barnard in fall 2019 and forward

Credit Limit: Maximum 16 credits

General education requirements: Students receive credit for AP/IB work (see chart below), but you cannot satisfy any General education requirements using AP/IB credit.

Class Placement & Exemptions: The AP/IB score can determine placement into Barnard class sequences and/or exemptions from course requirements. 

Barnard’s policies on duplicate credit and placement will apply.  Credit may be granted either for AP/IB or for the equivalent college course, but not for both.


For example:

-A student with AP credit for Art History cannot also receive credit for AHIS BC1001.

-A student with a score of 4 or 5 in a foreign language cannot receive credit for elementary or intermediate courses in that language.

-A student with AP credit for AP Calculus cannot receive credit for Calculus I.

(An exception: A student may receive credit for both AP Psychology and PSYC BC1001.)

Click here for details on the accepted scores for each subject.