601 West 110th Street (College Residence Hall)

110th Street Residence Hall 601 W 110th St. (College Residence) is an apartment building that Barnard leases space in. The majority of the building is occupied by private tenants.

Barnard residents are bound by Residential Life & Housing policies, which may be different than the expectations for other non-Barnard tenants.

Students who live at 110th St  submit repair requests to the College Residence building staff (rather than submitting a Work Order on My.Barnard.edu) 

Location 601 West 110th Street (between Broadway and Riverside Drive)
Population 183 upperclass students; the building holds 500 residents overall including students & staff of neighborhood academic institutions and families with children
Room Layout Single, Double, and Triple rooms in 2 - 9 person suites; Studio Singles (floor plans)
Furniture Bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe/closet space.  Most beds at 110th St are regular twin size, but a few are Twin XL.
Note: most rooms are carpeted.
Security 24-hour access attendant at the front desk (phone number)
Internet All rooms have WiFi provided through Verizon FIOS (more information)
Cable Students may arrange cable TV service with Time Warner Cable for a fee
Bathrooms There are 1 - 2 bathrooms in each suite
Kitchens Most suites have kitchens with a sink, oven, and refrigerator.  Most studios have kitchenettes with stove tops, but no oven.  On the floor plans, kitchens are marked with a "K" and kitchenettes are marked with a "T."
Laundry Located in the basement; uses a different laundry card than the other residence halls (more info)
Mail & Packages All students receive mail & package at the Student Mail Room in Altschul
Accessibility Entrance is wheelchair accessible; elevators stop at each floor; suite 1L on the first floor is up 2 steps from the lobby and is not accessible by elevator
AC 110th Street does not have air-conditioning. Please note that neither window nor portable ACs are permitted. Info about heating & cooling
Staff Associate Director, Graduate Hall Director, and 3 RAs (Staff Directory)

Note: Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls (Smoking Policy).

Note: 110th St does not provide toliet paper or trash bags to students.

Note: Students who live at 110th St  submit repair requests to the building staff (rather than submitting a Work Order on My.Barnard.edu)