Printing At Barnard


Welcome to Printing at Barnard. Through negotiated contracts with local print vendors, we are able to provide high quality print solutions to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Under this program, the Manager of Business Operations is your contact and facilitator for all b&w, and color photocopying and digital printing needs.

Steps for requesting printed materials:

  1. Complete the Print Request Form

Submit to Business Operations by email or save and place your order in person

  1. Submit a File

You can place your file and your saved order form in our secure Printing at Barnard Dropbox

  1. Get an Estimate

If you require a price estimate, include your request for an estimate on the print request form. Make sure to include order number, all job specifications and billing information to receive an accurate estimate. Make sure you have the funds available in your printing budget line.

  1. Review of Printer’s Proof

If you require a Printer’s Proof for your project, this is your opportunity to see exactly how your order will look once it’s been printed, and your absolute last chance to change anything.

Note: Your order will not be issued to the vendor until you approve the print proof.

  1. Order Submission to Vendor

The Manager of Business Operation, Aaron Kinard will then select the best print vendor for your print job.

  1. Delivery of Order

Depending on the complexity of your print job, typical jobs can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Unless otherwise specified, all orders will be delivered to Central Receiving.