Mission Statement

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide efficient and timely procurement services while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity. We strive for excellence in serving the Barnard Community with courteous and dedicated assistance, providing necessary supplies, equipment and services which offer the best quality, performance and overall value. To fulfill its mission, the Purchasing Department seeks to attain the following goals:

  • Procure all equipment, supplies, and services, consistent with the quality, quantity, and delivery requirements of the requesting college department.
  • Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended, utilizing open competition and impartial evaluation of alternate products.
  • Assist faculty and staff by providing product information, locating sources of supply, and explaining procurement options.
  • Provide training sessions on the procurement process, visit departments, and seek to improve interdepartmental communication at all times.
  • Encourage utilization and development of businesses owned by women and socially disadvantaged ethnic groups.
  • Promote good working relationships with faculty, staff and students seeking procurement assistance, through and understanding of the purpose and objectives.
  • Foster fair, ethical, and legal trade practices that develop a strong vendor community and promote public trust in Barnard College.
  • Develop and implement operational procedures that provide the highest level of service, while adhering to state and federal regulations, laws, rules, policies, and procedures.

General Purchasing Procedures

You may retrieve the following forms from the Purchasing Office:

  • Purchase Requisition/Supplemental Purchase Requisition
  • Change Order
  • Supplemental Receiving Report
  • Check Request
  • Citizens Bank MasterCard Request Form
  • Business Card Form (also available as a download)

Purchase Orders are run in the afternoon for Purchase Requisitions received prior to 1pm. We cannot guarantee that your Purchase Order will be printed, mailed or faxed the same day if you hand in a Purchase Requisition later than 1pm.

The pink and yellow copies of the Purchase Order are mailed to the requisitioning dept., via interoffice mail. The pink copy is for your departmental records. The yellow copy serves as your receiving report. Please sign and along with an invoice return the receiving report upon receipt of your order to Accounts Payable. If a partial shipment is received, please photo copy the receiving report, sign and date for the items received in appropriate box, and return to Accounts Payable. When the complete order has been received, sign and return the original yellow to Accounts Payable.