This fall Barnard's academic departments welcomed a number of new faculty members, with a diverse range of research and teaching interests. Here, some of the incoming professors answer questions about their work and lives.

Chana Etengoff, Term Assistant Professor in Psychology

My scholarship examines how cultural and sexual minority groups navigate relational and sociocultural prejudice and discrimination.

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Leymah Gbowee, Distinguished Fellow in Social Justice

 As Barnard's inaugural Distinguished Fellow in Social Justice, Nobel Laureate and Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee will also serve as a Barnard Center for Research on Women Transnational Fellow, a Fellow in Residence at the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, and will be teaching and guest lecturing in Barnard’s Africana studies program.

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Jue Guo, Assistant Professor in Asian & Middle Eastern Cultures

Specific research topics include divination and healing, death rituals, funerary and burial practices, and everyday life in early China. I study these themes from an anthropological-historical perspective as well as the way they are theorized in comparative studies.

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Daniel Kato, Term Assistant Professor in Political Science

I study American Politics with a specialty in American Political Development. I am currently working on my manuscript on lynching and liberalism.

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Leonor Pons Coll, Term Associate Professor in Spanish

My research is in applied linguistics. I love the fact that Barnard is a small liberal arts college with an extraordinarily friendly environment and that I am able to teach to smaller class sizes, which is a very important part of teaching a foreign language.

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Leah Meisterlin, Term Assistant Professor in Architecture

My research focuses on issues of spatial justice, informational ethics, and the effects of infrastructural networks on the construction of social and political space.

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Premilla Nadasen, Visiting Associate Professor in History

What I find most exciting about being at Barnard is that this is a women’s college. I’ve always been interested in women’s issues and I identified as a feminist from a very young age—even before I fully understood what the term meant.

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Megan O'Neil, Term Assistant Professor in Art History

My research is on ancient Maya art and archaeology, with an emphasis on stone sculpture from archaeological sites in southern Mexico and northern Guatemala.

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Sedelia Rodriguez, Lecturer in Environmental Science

I am a geologist and igneous petrologist. My research focuses on large igneous provinces and the eruptions that have occurred all over, throughout history.

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