Room Swaps

Room Swaps over the Summer for the Fall

For information about switching Fall room spaces selected during Room Selection, please check out Summer Room Swap Requests .

Students may submit requests to swap rooms with another Barnard student currently living in Barnard campus housing.

Swaps with Columbia students and/or between Barnard & Columbia housing are not permitted. 

Student may not swap rooms unless their submitted Room Swap Request is approved by Residential Life & Housing. Requests are generally approved, but processing time may vary.

Upperclass students who wish to change rooms but cannot find another person to swap with through the Housing Portal may submit a Fall, Mid-Year, or Spring Room Change Request.


Available Dates

Room swaps may be submitted starting the first Friday* of the semester through 3 weeks before the end of the semester.

* First Year Students may start submitting room swap requests on the 6th Friday of the Fall semester.

2018-2019 Academic Year

  • Fall 2018* -- Friday, September 7, (Friday, October 12 for FYs) through 12noon, Thursday, November 29, 2018

  • Spring 2019 -- Friday, January 25, through 12noon, Thursday, April 25, 2019


Submitting a Room Swap Request

Students may submit Room Swap Preferences (and search for other students to swap with) on the Barnard Housing Portal. After logging in, click ROOM CHANGES/SWAPS on the Menu Bar. 

First Year students may only submit room swap requests with other students in FYF. Sophomore, Juniors, & Seniors may only submit room swap requests with other upperclass students.

If students are experiencing challenges living with their roommate or suitemates, they are encouraged to try mediation with the help of their RA or other Res Life staff members before submitting a room swap request.

It is the College's expectation that any students living in a multiple and/or suite discuss any potential room swaps with their current roommate/suitemates, as well as any new roommate/suitemates that would result from a room swap. This is intended to ensure a positive & smooth transition for all parties involved.


Timeline for Approvals & Moves

Room Swap Requests must be submitted before 12noon on Thursdays in order for students to be considered for approval & to be able to move that weekend. Any requests submitted after 12 noon Thursday would not be reviewed or approved until the following week.

Student may not switch rooms unless their submitted Room Swap Request is approved by Residential Life & Housing. Requests are generally approved, but processing time may vary. The College reserves the right to deny requests.

If approved for a room swap, students will need to follow the instructions & timeline provided to them by the Res Life office.

  • Students may not swap room keys.
  • Students will sign for new room keys at the Res Life Office (open 9am-5pm) on the Friday of their approved swap weekend. Only the student themself may pick up their keys and must do so between 9am-5pm.
  • Students must coordinate with each other to move out of their old room and into their new room by 11pm on the Sunday of their approved room swap weekend.
  • Student will use the special Blue Room Change Envelope they are given to turn in their old room keys to the Res Life office or Sulzberger Front Desk by 12noon on the Monday following their approved room swap weekend.
  • Students who do not sign for their new keys and/or return their old keys will be subject to a $100 improper check-out fee and $100 per key lock change fee.

Note: room swaps will not be approved to take place during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, or Spring Break.  Room Swap Requests submitted before or during those breaks would only be approved to take place over the weekend following the break.


Billing Changes

Students will be responsible for any change in room pricing due to their room swap. Students who move into a Studio Single will be charged a prorated increase in price for the rest of the semester. Students who move out of Studio Single will receive a prorated credit.

Upperclass students who complete a room change into floors 2-8 of the Quad are required to enroll, at minimum, in the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan. First Year students living in campus housing are required to remain enrolled in the Platinum Meal Plan, regardless of room assignment.



If you have any questions about the Room Swap Request process, please email or stop by the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger).