Fall 2017

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Pulitzer Prize–winner Natalie Angier ’78 
interviews Barnard’s new president


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College History

The University community long imagined Columbia 
as the supreme Greek god, and Barnard as his daughter Athena. From the late 1960s to early ’80s, Wisdom 
fought hard not to be subsumed by her dad.

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The Empirical Reasoning Center 
teaches students to analyze and interpret complex data—and visually present them, to make their arguments shine

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Award-winning reads. Adventurous memoirs and novels. Stories featuring Barnard, and more. Read on for what to curl up with this autumn.

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College President

Pulitzer Prize–winner Natalie Angier ’78 
interviews Barnard’s new president

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To grapple with the intractable issue of caste, Anupama Rao puts it into a broader context

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In this new interview series, we speak with Professor Emerita of History Rosalind Rosenberg about her recent biography, "Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray," along with other faculty experts

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Since joining the Barnard faculty in 1976, Rae Silver has advocated for students while emphasizing the importance of laboratory

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A class at Barnard prompted Michelle Lappen to consider a career in the law. 
Now, she understands just how important the legal process can be.