Spring 2022 Rooted in Sustainability

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Photograph of Laura Beth Resnick ’11 gardening
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From backyard gardens to weddings, flowers surround us with beauty and serve to punctuate our celebrations as well as comfort us in times of sadness. They’re also a multibillion-dollar industry that has recently grappled with questions regarding sustainability. These three Barnard alums — Laura Beth Resnick ’11Molly Culver ’03, and Sophia Moreno-Bunge ’09 — are sowing a different approach to flowers and, in the process, are addressing important issues while creating new ways to showcase this most natural art form.

Computer science major Whitney Deng ’24 helps code a public health mission to the International Space Station 

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High Marks

After more than half a century of judging top championships, Lucy Curley Joyce Brennan ’56 is inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame

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A tireless champion of social justice, Janet Axelrod ’73 advocated for progressive causes, effecting change within her community and in the worlds of philanthropy and tech

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