Your AABC Board Nominees

On behalf of the Nominating Committee of the AABC, I am pleased to present candidates for the 2020 AABC Elections (above). In my final year as chair, the committee continued its commitment to increase the transparency of the nomination process, hold competitive elections, and build a more inclusive AABC Board. To learn more about our stellar candidates and to vote for the alumnae who will represent you, please visit Thank you for joining me in voting.

—Tracy Rodrigues ’11, Chair, Nominating Committee

President/Alumnae Trustee

Amy Veltman Amy Veltman ’89

Vice President (Vote for One)

Shilpa Bahri Shilpa Bahri ’99 

Nicole Lowen Vianna Nicole Lowen Vianna ’81

Director-At-Large (Vote for One)

Chinita Allen Chinita Allen ’94

Michele Lynn Michele Lynn ’82

Alma Maters Committee Chair

Jessica Muss ’98 

Young Alumnae Committee Chair

Cinneah El-Amin ’16

Nominating Committee Members (Vote for Three)

Alexandra V. Loizzo-Desai ’09

Doralynn Pines Doralynn Pines ’69

Jamie Rubin Jamie Rubin ’01

Jennifer Fearon Jennifer Fearon '13

Marci Levy-Maguire Marci Levy-Maguire ’93

Rochelle Cooper Schneider Rochelle Cooper Schneider '84

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