Winter 2020 Bridging Generations

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Almost 70 years after making history as the first Nepalese woman to attend college in the U.S., Bhinda Malla Shah '56, Nepal's first woman ambassador, shares her story with granddaughter Aarya Shah '23.

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As trailblazers and mentors, Barnard's scholars have especially influenced the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and creative writing, despite the College's relatively diminutive footprint.

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On October 23, the Barnard community was brimming with excitement for Giving Day 2019, the online event that brings our global family together for 24 hours of paying it forward to the next generation of bold, brilliant, Barnard women. 

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Before musical artists such as Chance the Rapper can release new work, a lot has to happen behind the scenes. That’s where Sharde Simpson ’08 comes in.

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model of a solar system

Two Barnard alumnae who graduated almost 50 years apart discuss their lives as women physicists in a field mostly populated by men. 

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Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ariana González Stokas (left) and Dean of the College Leslie Grinage. Photo by Jonathan King.

Two new leaders on campus — Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ariana González Stokas and Dean of the College Leslie Grinage — share a commitment to creating an even better Barnard.

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Woman holding her baby up over her head

London-based Shristi Mittal '09 is working to re-create the sanctuary she made for herself at Barnard through her work as a marketing strategist for dine-at-home startup YHangry. 

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a voting box and several hands inserting ballots, an illustration in many colors

Jyoti Menon ’01, president of the Alumnae Association of Barnard College, marks the end of her term by encouraging alumnae to vote by May 4 in the AABC elections. 

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Testosterone has a reputation as “the male sex hormone.” But professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies Rebecca Jordan-Young wants to change all that.

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short stack of books with a coffee mug on top

Turn this season of our discontent into glorious summer with books by Barnard authors.

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