In 2018, 608 students joined the Class of 2022 and embarked on their journey at Barnard. Now, four years later, it is their time to take the stage at Radio City Music Hall. With just five days left until Commencement, we’re sharing some of our favorite senior moments from recent graduation festivities. Check out the series of photos and videos below to get in the celebratory spirit.

1. Alma Mater’s #1 Barnard Cheerleader

Madeleine Morales sitting on to of the Alma Mater statue in her cap and gown, holding up two white pom poms

Madeleine Morales ’22, a member of the Columbia University Cheerleading team, showcases her Barnard spirit on top of the iconic Alma Mater statue on Columbia’s campus. We think Alma Mater would be very proud.

2. Stepping Up the Celebration

Student at the Access Barnard Celebration holding a blue cardboard cutout around herself that says, "Ready for next year!"

Access Barnard — the hub for international, first-generation, and low-income students — celebrated seniors on May 4 at the Stepping Up Celebration to honor students moving up to the next class year. The event included selfie frames and cupcakes — need we say more?

3. Time for Caps and Gowns

Three students in the Diana Center, two of whom are holding clear bags with their caps and gowns.

Beautiful gowns for our bold seniors! Members of the Class of 2022 stopped by the Diana Event Oval to pick up their caps and gowns at a Student Experience & Engagement (SEE) event in April.

4. Applause for Our Seniors

A man in a black suit jacket takes a picture of a Barnard student and her guest at the honors assembly.

Proud friends and family alert! A graduating senior poses for a photo after being celebrated at the Honors Assembly event.

5. A Proud President Beilock

President Beilock with three seniors under the Futter Field tent.

President Sian Leah Beilock is a familiar figure at Commencement events, where she loves to share her message of congratulations. She’s pictured here with students at the senior reception.

6. A Few More Days Until Commencement 

Tonika Henry in her cap and gown in front of Milstein holding up three fingers on each hand.

Tonika Henry ’22 helps us count down the days until Commencement. “[Class of] 2022, we did it! We’re so resilient, we made it through a pandemic. I am [extremely] grateful for so much community I was able to build here. Let’s get excited!”

7. Photo Finish

Two masked students post in front of a blue step and repeat with sunglass props.

Nothing like a fun photo booth picture to get students in the Commencement spirit.

8. Three’s a Charm 

 Samantha Bhuiyan ’22, Stephanie Secaira ’22, and Amana Mohiuddin ’22 pose together in their cap and gown ensembles.

Each year for Commencement season, campus becomes awash in blue. It’s hard not to feel a sense of pride as seniors sport their caps and gowns around campus. Here, friends Samantha Bhuiyan ’22, Stephanie Secaira ’22, and Amana Mohiuddin ’22 pose together in their ensembles.

9. Celebrating 2022 with Smiles

Three students pose with food in hand and 2022 balloons behind them at the senior reception.

Friends, food, and good times. Members of the Class of 2022 serve up big smiles at the senior celebration. 

10. Honors Assembly Fun

A group of students in caps and gowns pose around President Beilock for a selfie.

Few things are more coveted than a selfie with President Beilock. Here, students gather at the annual event — with the College’s leader — where they’re publicly awarded scholarships, fellowships, and other prizes. 

11. Senior Time Capsule 

In April, members of the Class of 2022 buried a time capsule in the campus’ Futter Field with the help of our amazing groundskeeping crew. The box is loaded with items that represent their time at Barnard: a COVID test, the nonfiction book Hidden Figures by this year’s Commencement speaker Margot Lee Shetterly, and more. The Class of 2022 will open the capsule 25 years from now. Talk about a blast from the past. 

12. A Lavender Party 

Barnard seniors Emma Tabenken and Caitlin Lent show off their newly acquired lavender cords at Barnard’s first-ever Lavender Graduation

Barnard seniors Emma Tabenken and Caitlin Lent show off their newly acquired lavender cords at Barnard’s first-ever Lavender Graduation on May 4, in celebration of students who identify as LGBTQ+.  

13. Senior STEMinists

The five senior physics and astronomy majors sit side by side on a couch.

Mary Clare Greenlees ’22, Lindsay Long ’22, Jada Louison ’22, Gwendolyn (Gwen) LaPlante ’22, and Ilana Doran ’22 share a special bond as the five graduating seniors in Barnard’s Physics and Astronomy Department. “Even though I am not fully represented [in this field as a Black woman], I do have a cohort of people who are there for me, who are rooting for me, and who have seen me through this whole process,” said Jada Louison ’22

14. The Dancing Queen Two weeks until #Barnard2022 Commencement! #Repost from Aimée Mehala ’22 @jeepthroat ♬ original sound - Barnard College

ABBA fans, unite! Aimée Mehala ’22 showcases her dance moves to the iconic Swedish pop group’s hit “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” in front of Columbia’s Low Library.

15. A Presidential Selfie 

President Beilock holds up an iPhone to take a selfie with two students in their caps and gowns.

Students can never have too many pictures with President Beilock. Two members of the Class of 2022 share smiles, albeit masked up.