2019 Summer Room Change Requests

Room changes are not available for students living in Summer Housing.

Note: Columbia students living at Barnard as part of the BC/CU Housing Exchange are not eligble to apply for any summer room changes, room swaps, or for the Studio Single Wait List.


Studio Single Wait List (rising-Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

The College is in the process of extending the lease at 110 St. College Residence. The mix and configurations of rooms may change for next academic year.

Once the lease is finalized, the Studio Single Wait List form will be posted if Studios are available for next academic year.


Summer Room Swap Requests (rising-Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

Students who participated in 2019 Room Selection process may look for other students to make a 1-for-1 room swap with. This could include students who picked a suite together and want to swap assignments within a suite OR students who want to request swaps between rooms / suites / buildings.

Room Swap requests must be finalized through the Housing Portal by no later than 4pm on Friday, June 21, 2019.

Note: Room Swaps requests may only be submitted between 2 students with an active Fall 2019 room assignments. A student may not request to swap their room with another person after they have cancelled their room assignment via a Housing Cancellation Form. If you plan to cancel housing but wish to arrange with another student to swap rooms, the Room Swap Request must be submitted and finalized before you cancel your housing.

Room swaps cannot be done for RA rooms and/or rooms in the Columbia Housing exchange.

The College reserves the right to reverse any room swaps as needed.


Rising-Senior Summer Room Change Requests

Only rising-Seniors may request a room change over the summer before the start of the Fall semester. Priority will be determined by Lottery Number order from the 123 Lottery (or a randomized number if a students took part in the SR, 4, 5, or 6 Lottery or a pre-Lottery placement process).

The request form must be completed by 4pm on Friday, June 21, 2019.

Room change results will be communicated via Barnard email by the end of July. If given a room change, you will forfeit your room assignment from the Room Selection process (i.e. it will be given to another student requesting a room change or to someone on the Wait List, etc).

Rising-Juniors & Sophomores may apply for room changes during the Fall Room Change Request process (room changes are not available over the summer, with the exception of the Studio Single Wait List above & Summer Room Swap Requests above).