Jada Louison ’22, astrophysics grad student

When Barnard celebrated the Barnard Year of Science during the 2021-2022 academic year, the College highlighted dozens of accomplished students, alumnae, and faculty who were actively engaged in groundbreaking research. They came from such fields as medicine, psychology, biochemistry, sustainability, and climate change.

As the United Nations prepared to celebrate the world’s women and girl scientists during the eighth International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGIS) on February 11, we knew what to do — showcase a select few boldly Barnard leaders who have made and are making waves in the lab, on the ocean, in the field, and even in space. 

In the spirit of the U.N.’s mission for IDWGIS — to promote, through awareness and action, the need to recognize and support women and girls in traditionally male-dominated scientific fields — we’ve revisited some of the Barnard Research Reflections and profile stories that promise to illuminate, inspire, and amaze. (See below, and click the link to be taken to the larger story.)

Barnard’s Leaders in Science

Public Health Advocate Khallela Barracks ’21

Khallela Barracks ’21 was on a path to studying political science until a course at Barnard led her to the intersection of medicine and racism.


Michelle Dandeneau ’20 and Lessons from the Lab

Michelle Dandeneau ’20 served as a research assistant in Columbia’s Kellendonk Lab, where she helped unravel a neuroscientific question and came away with new abilities that continue to shape and inform her health technology career.

Whitney Deng ’24 Helped Code a Public Health Mission to the International Space Station

Computer science major Whitney Deng ’24 helped a team of researchers send bacterial biofilms into space to investigate how they behave in a microgravity environment.

Karen Goldberg ’83 and the Power and Promise of Chemical Bonds

Decorated chemist Karen Goldberg ’83 explained how making and breaking molecular bonds could lead to solving the global energy crisis.

Alexandra Horowitz and Puppy Love

Renowned dog cognition expert and Barnard psychology professor Alexandra Horowitz studies the inner lives of dogs at the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab.

Migraine Researcher Kayla Kaplan ’22

Kayla Kaplan ’22 became one of the many Barnard students and recent graduates who joined the research team of Dr. Mia Minen ’03 to examine the current operations and treatments offered by headache infusion centers around the country.

Jada Louison ’22 Wants More Young Women to Take to the Stars

As a woman of color in a field dominated by white men, Jada Louison ’22 knew she was an outlier in astrophysics, but she was determined to make studying the stars more inclusive.

Cancer Researcher/Artist Stefani Alexis Shoreibah ’21

Stefani Shoreibah ’21 reimagined cancer research through the artist’s lens and found the nexus of art, oncology, and deep empathy.

Physics Major Daniela Hikari Yano ’23

A stargazer from the start, Daniela Hikari Yano ’23 was drawn to unraveling the secrets of the cosmos.