2018 Mid-Year Room Change Requests

IMPORTANT! Students who receive room changes between the Fall & Spring semester will be required to fully vacate their Fall assignment and find a place to store their belongings over Winter Break until they return for the Spring semester (i.e. will not be able to store belongings in either the Fall or Spring room or suite common areas). The College is not able to provide storage space for student belongings.

Note:Students from various countries will be coming to Barnard this Spring for the Visiting International Student Program (VISP). If you have a space opening up in your room or suite and would like to request a visiting student as a roommate or suitemate, please email housing@barnard.edu.



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Friday, November 16, 2018 Room Change Request form will be available on the Housing Portal
Friday, November 30, 2018, 4pm Deadline to submit Room Change Request forms on the Housing Portal
Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Room Change results will be emailed to students by 11pm
Friday, December 21, 2018 Residence Halls close for Winter Break at 9am. Students who received room changes must be fully moved out of their Fall assignment and turn in their keys. No belongings may be left in the Fall or Spring room assignment or suite common areas over the break.
Thursday, January 17, 2019 Residence Hall reopen for the Spring semester. Students who received room changes may start moving into their new Spring room assignments.


Requesting a Room Change

This process is for Barnard Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students only (first-year students who may be experiencing challenges with their room / roommate assignments should speak to their RA and/or the Associate Director in charge of the Quad). Columbia University students living in Barnard residence halls are not eligible to participate in this process and there is no switching permitted between BC-designated and CU-designated spaces (please consult CU Housing for information about room change requests for CU students).

Students who submit a Room Change Request form are obligated to inform their roommate(s) / suitemates(s) of their request, in order to give them an opportunity to either submit a Room Change Request form of their own or try to recruit a new roommate/suitemate.

Students who may need some form of housing accommodation related to a diagnosed disability or medical condition as part of their room change request should additionally contact the Office of Disability Services to submit a Disability-Housing Request (DHR) no later than Wednesday, November 28, 2018. More information about applying for an accommodation is available at http://barnard.edu/reslife/disability.

Room Change Requests may be edited on the Portal through the submission deadline. Any requests to cancel a submitted Room Change Request must be emailed to housing@barnard.edu before the submission deadline.

Students may request to make a 1-for-1 swap with another student continuing in housing for the Spring OR they may specify a set of criteria for which types of rooms or locations they would be willing to move to. Note: students who wish to request a 1-for-1 swap with another student must each individually fill out and submit a Mid-Year Room Change Request form (the Room Swap process is only available during each semester).

Note: Students who wish to request a room change but do not want to move out of their current room before Winter Break may apply for a Spring Room Change instead (i.e. after the start of the Spring semester). Please note however that there are typically fewer spaces available through the Spring Room Change Request process.


Notification of Room Change Results

Students will be emailed by 11pm on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, with the result of their request.

While the College will attempt to provide new room assignments for as many students as possible, room changes are not guaranteed through this process. Students who do not receive a room change will remain assigned to their Fall room for the Spring semester (and are welcome to apply again as part of the Spring Room Change Request Process).

Granted room changes are FINAL and BINDING. Students who are granted a room change MUST complete the move, as other room changes will be dependent upon the spaces that will be vacated.


Moving out of Fall Assignment

Students who receive a room change must move completely out of their Fall room before the start of Winter Break (9am on Friday, December 21, 2018). There are no exceptions or extensions available.

Students must complete a Check Out Envelope at their residence hall front desk to turn in their Fall room keys.

  • Failure to complete an envelope will result in a $100 Improper Check Out fee. 
  • Keys that are not turned in will result in a $100 per key Lock Change fee.

Students may not leave any belongings behind in their Fall room assignment (or suite common areas). Also, students may not store any belongings over the break in their new Spring room assignment (or suite common areas). Students must make arrangements to store their belongings in a friend's bedroom (who is staying in the same room for the Spring), off-campus, take them home over break, etc. The College does not have storage space available for any student belongings.

Failure to fully vacate a room before the start of Winter Break may result in fines and/or disciplinary action, which could include cancellation of the room change, the loss of campus housing, and/or loss of ability to participate in Room Selection / Housing Lottery.


Moving into Spring Assignment

Students will be able to start moving into their new Spring room assignments once the residence halls reopen for the Spring semester (Thursday, January 17, 2019).

Students will need to show their Student ID to the Front Desk of their new residence hall in order to be given the key(s) to their new room.


Billing Changes

Because room changes & any changes to billing will not be finalized until after the College's Spring payment deadline, students will need to pay their Spring Bursar bill as-is by the December 1, 2018 payment deadline.

Students who receive a room change to a Studio Single will need to pay the increase in price before the residence halls reopen for the Spring semester.

Students who receive a room change to Hewitt Hall must enroll (at minimum) in the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan. Meal plans can be adjusted online through My.Barnard.edu.

The semester room rates are available at http://barnard.edu/reslife/policies/housing/room-rates. Meal plan prices are available at http://barnard.edu/bursar/tuition-and-fees#Mealplans.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact housing@barnard.edu or stop by the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger).