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Greg Triandis

Director of Partnerships and Employer Relations at Beyond Barnard

Greg Triandis is the Director of Partnerships and Employer Relations at Beyond Barnard. Greg has been with the college since 2015. He is the husband of a Barnard alum, Sheila Murphy ’80, and a proud P’24!

Prior to working at Barnard, Greg enjoyed a successful career on Wall Street as a sales trader, a job that took him all over the world meeting and connecting with fascinating clientele. Greg is a native New Yorker and earned a B.A. in marketing and finance from Fordham University. 

Greg currently resides in Westchester county with his wife.

If you could speak to your college self, what advice would you give him?

If I could give college Greg one piece of valuable advice, it would be to understand that your career choices should not only be your own but also to know that no one career path is final or absolute. This is the advice I try to relay to students. My path to academia is proof that you can take a new path at any moment in life. I am proud that my parents, first-generation immigrants, taught me the value of self-truth, self-respect, and respect for others. These values continue to light my path.