Jennifer Rosales

Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Pedagogy


Center for Engaged Pedagogy, Education


126 Milstein Center


Jennifer Rosales is the Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Pedagogy. She earned her PhD, MA (Media Studies) and BA (History) from University of Southern California. Previously she was the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Social Justice at Georgetown University. At the CSJ she conducted research on social justice issues, arts, community engagement, and education, as well as social and emotional learning and the arts in DC Public Schools. She is co-authoring a book, Media Literacy of the Oppressed: Designing at the Margins (Routledge forthcoming). In addition, she led the evaluation plan, implementation and analysis for Georgetown community engagement programs and taught in the Justice and Peace Studies program. You will find Dr. Rosales in the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, which is 126 Milstein Center. Her email address is