Barnard gates

Nineteen Barnard College faculty members have been recognized for being among the top 2% of cited science authors worldwide, and some landed within the top 1%. Their names are featured in a new report, “Updated Science-wide Author Databases of Standardized Citation Indicators,” released by the global information analytics company Elsevier on October 4, 2023.

Inclusion on this list indicates that a scientist has made significant contributions to the advancement of their field throughout their career. 

The faculty members who have been recognized are:

  1. Scott Barry Kaufman - Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology 
  2. B.J. Casey - Christina L. Williams Professor of Neuroscience
  3. Russell D. Romeo - Professor of Neuroscience
  4. Colin Wayne Leach - Professor of Psychology & Africana Studies
  5. John I. Glendinning - Associate Chair, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Biological Sciences
  6. Dusa McDuff - Helen Lyttle Kimmel ’42 Professor of Mathematics
  7. Joan S. Birman - Research Professor of Mathematics
  8. Janna Levin - Professor of Physics and Astronomy
  9. Alexander Cooley - Claire Tow Professor of Political Science, Vice Provost for Academic Centers and Libraries
  10. Helene P. Foley - Adjunct Professor of Classics
  11. W.B. Worthen - Alice Brady Pels Professor in the Arts; Chair of the Department of Theatre
  12. Brian Larkin - Professor of Anthropology
  13. Séverine Autesserre - Professor & Chair of the Department of Political Science
  14. Michael G. Wheaton - Assistant Professor of Psychology
  15. Elizabeth Bernstein - Professor and Chair of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Professor of Sociology
  16. Paige West - Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology
  17. Michael G. Campbell - Associate Professor of Chemistry
  18. Neferti X.M. Tadiar - Professor of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  19. José C. Moya - Professor of History