Biofeedback is a technique that teaches you how to control your body's reaction to stress. When we are stressed our breathing and heart rate may become irregular and stress hormones are released. During biofeedback, you're connected to a sensor that helps you receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). This feedback helps you focus on making subtle changes to your breath and your thoughts to control your heart rate. This can help you achieve a feeling of calm and decrease the release of stress hormones. With practice, you will be able to change your breathing and heart rate anytime you find yourself anxious or stressed to help you relax immediately.

How do I know if Biofeedback could help me?

If you are currently seeing a counselor at Furman, tell them you are interested in learning more about biofeedback and together you will decide if this program would be beneficial for you. If you are not currently seeing a Furman clinician, just call the front desk at (212) 854-2092 and tell them you are interested in scheduling an appointment to learn more about the biofeedback program.

What are the steps for starting biofeedback training at Furman?

1. Schedule a 30 minutes Biofeedback Orientation with a Furman clinician. During this meeting you will discuss how biofeedback may be able to benefit you. You will get to see how the program works and have an opportunity to try it out! During the orientation session you can ask any questions you may have about biofeedback.

2. After you have completed your Biofeedback Orientation meeting you will receive a Biofeedback Lab Access Card. This card allows you to enter the biofeedback lab (located in the Furman Counseling Center 100 Hewitt Hall and Well Woman office in 119 Reid Hall) during Biofeedback Lab Hours to practice on your own.

3. To receive maximum benefits from biofeedback training you should expect to visit the lab at a minimum of 6-10 times, with each biofeedback session lasting approximately 20 minutes. In between sessions, you can practice the breathing technique that you learned during orientation. Also, no need to schedule time in the biofeedback lab. Just drop in anytime during the open hours below with your access card!

Current Biofeedback Lab Hours: Fall and Spring semesters

Monday - Friday  10:00 am - 4:30p.m.    (closed during academic break / holidays)