Spring 2017

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The College will ‘do our part to fight climate change’

Spring 2017


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College President

As Debora Spar bid adieu to her nine-year presidency, she sat down for a conversation with Jennifer Finney Boylan, the inaugural Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence

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College President

Anna Quindlen ’74 looks back on the triumphs of the departing president

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Drawn together by Barnard, alumnae forge deep friendships across generations

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College History

This essay is adapted from Professor Robert A. McCaughey’s forthcoming book, a history of Barnard that draws on the College’s archival records and interviews with members of the Barnard community

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Journalist Maria Hinojosa ’84 tells the human tales behind the nation’s demographic changes

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Harper’s Bazaar lauds campus publication Hoot as the feminist magazine ‘you need to start reading’

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Skateboard under her feet, Alexis Sablone ’08 dazzles with daring tricks and technical aplomb

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Health & Wellness

This essay is excerpted from You Don’t Look Your Age . . . and Other Fairy Tales, a new book by Sheila Nevins ’60 that reflects on frenemies, dieting, and aging